G-Safe Partners
What Does Membership Provide?

G SAFE Membership includes:
·         Radios - Rental of G SAFE Digital Radios which communicate with other businesses in the Borough, on-duty dedicated Town Centre Police Officers patrolling the Town and the Council’s 24 hours a day, 365 days a year CCTV operators.
·         Monthly Members Meetings – Held at the Council Offices, every month you will be able to view the presentation containing images of people who are banned from our businesses, exchange intelligence and raise any issues that are of concern. These meetings are also attended by the Police and relevant Council staff to answer any questions you may have.
·         G SAFE Website – Members-only access to G SAFE Website through which members can view and upload offender profiles, photos and incidents. With an average of 150 incidents reported each month, the website is a vital intelligence sharing system so businesses are aware of potential offenders and can take steps to prevent themselves becoming a victim of crime.
·         Instant Messenger Chat App – The secure pages of the website also contains an instant messenger group chat app, where businesses can post a photo quickly to supplement descriptions put out over the radio.
·         Exclusion Policy – G SAFE operates a ‘banned from one, banned from all’ policy for persistent offenders. We issue all member businesses with access to our online intelligence sharing database, so they can recognise excluded people and refuse entry. This is updated daily and is available to access at any time.
·         Antisocial behaviour – Please note that we can issue enforceable exclusions for offences which happen in or nearby our member business premises, so if someone is causing ASB near businesses which are G SAFE Members then we can issue a G SAFE Exclusion, report this intelligence to Kent Police who can look at issuing Criminal Behaviour Orders to curtail their offending behaviour.
·         Schools Officer – We have direct links with Kent Police’s Schools Officer to address any issues or concerns.
·         GLOW Project – This is a new restorative approach to prevent young people committing retail crime. When a young person is caught shoplifting, their parents are called to the store and asked to complete the GLOW form to refer their child to the GLOW Project. The form is then sent to Kent Police Youth Justice Team who write to the parents advising them of their appointment time. The parent and child then attend the GLOW restorative meeting to discuss the crime and it’s consequences.
·         Crime Alerts – Email and text alerts about immediate crime issues including new crime methods, new persistent offenders as well as alerts from other areas across Kent and nationwide, sent by relevance to your business. 
·          CCTV – Our radios are monitored by the Council’s CCTV operators who monitor the Borough’s cameras 24/7, 365 days per year, even Christmas Day.  They are able to talk to G SAFE Members via the G SAFE radio in an emergency situation and can monitor on the CCTV cameras, gathering vital evidence.
·         Protection from displaced offenders – Due to the effectiveness of G SAFE and CCTV within the town centre, offenders find that they cannot commit crimes within this area due to being recognised and followed on CCTV. This leads to an increase in crime in other retail areas such where the offenders are not known. We share intelligence across Kent and surrounding areas, as well as nationally, so your business can be alerted to offenders who are on the move.
·         Shop Safe Stay Safe ID Scheme. This scheme is for anyone who is vulnerable in the community and works by registering people’s details, next of kin contact and a photo. They are issued a key fob with their own unique number on it (no personal details) so if they get into difficulty then they can simply go into a shop and show the shopkeeper the key fob, the shopkeeper can then call the 24 hour helpline number printed on the fob, provide the unique number to the operator, who can then call next of kin, relay important information about medical conditions to the attending health professionals, or however we can help the individual in the circumstances.
·         Reporting Incidents – it is clear that people do not take the time to report incidents, therefore by providing an easy way to report, we will be able to keep the intelligence flowing between businesses to further prevent crime.
·         Community Cohesion – By pulling the business community together with G SAFE Membership, regular meetings and radio communication, this ensures a united front against crime and antisocial behaviour.
·         Deterring Crime – Just hearing the radio in the background if often enough to deter a crime from happening.
·         Current G SAFE Membership – 80 businesses across Gravesham are members of G SAFE. G SAFE has been established for over 15 years and the majority have been members since the beginning.