G-Safe Partners
What Does Membership Provide?

G SAFE membership provides many benefits including:
  1. One radio, linked to the Town Link network
    This allows information to be passed between members, CCTV control and the police. Other benefits include real time information and advice, the ability to plan, advise and implement operations to prevent or stop criminals, and is also vital in increasing staff safety. All members are trained in using the radio by the crime reduction co-ordinator, to ensure they are confident and proficient.
  2. Access to CCTV via radio
    Ability to speak directly with CCTV operators in an emergency situation.
  3. Access to Town Beat officers and Crime Reduction Co-ordinator
    Gravesend's Town Beat Officers and PCSO's are linked to the town link radio system. They can provide ongoing training and personal advice, work closely with members and the crime reduction co-ordinator to actively target and remove persistent offenders, provide essential information sharing and high visibility crime prevention.
  4. Information and intelligence sharing
  5. Reports
  6. Exclusion Notice Scheme